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A digital marketing agency for website and mobile application design,
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Board Of Directors

Mr. Abdul Ahad
Rtd. Police Officer
Mr. Farooque
Businessman and Politician (BJP)
Mr. Shamshad
Rtd. Head Principal (Education)
Abdul Malik
Founder and CEO
I am the Founder and CEO of Thinktive Software Consultancy. I started my career 10 years ago, specializing in helping companies transform their digital presence and provide online experiences that help businesses grow. Over time, I caught the Entrepreneurial Bug and never looked back, resulting in starting my own agency in 2018. Nothing makes me more excited than delivering fantastic customer results and service.I have worked with brands and businesses across the globe and delivered every project with 100% ROI along with my amazing in- house team. In all these years, what I learned is just be true to your work, honest with your team and clients. And everything will fall in place itself.
Shahrukh Khan
Chief Executive Officer
Sanaul Haque
Chief Operating Officer
Sakshi Sharma
Vice President
Zargham khan
H.R. Manager
Zahid Husain
Business Development Manager
Neetu Chauhan
Business Developer

Teamwork is the only way we work

Mohd. Imran
Technical Head
Shahzeb khan
Software Developer
Saidur Rahman
Software Developer
Adil Khan
Web Developer
Mohd. Ariz
Sr. Graphic Designer
Ubaid Hashmi
Business Development Executive
Saiful Khan
Shakeeba Shaheen
Global Marketing
Abdul Fahad
Digital Marketing Expert
Alemba Pongen
Business Developer
Abel Sangtam
Business Developer
Hina Khan
Business Developer
Himani Goyal
Business Developer
Sourabh Raghav
Marketing Speaclist
Priyam Jain
Human Resource


Abu Osama

Shahzeb khan

Zaki khan

Nawaz Shaikh

Junaid Rizvi

Sourabh Raghav


Tooba Khan