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Designing for all taste palettes from Concept to Final Product

Simple design is a complex process. We simplify it by focusing on Challenges and Solutions followed by building functional user interfaces that keep the audience at the center.
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Why ThinkTive?

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Discovery Workshop

We say the revelation is at the focal point of creativity. We took in a little scramble of insane blended in with incredible discipline, makes show-stoppers.

Benefits Of Discovery

Disclosure Workshop is intended to take care of the designing group, albeit not the alternate way round that customarily numerous IT organizations do.

Quality Products

We deliver quality products that stay within the predefined budget by identifying and adapting to changes much earlier in the entire process.

The Process

For each workshop, we assign a dedicated analyst, a UI/UX designer and a technical team who work with you, to do full justice to your ideas.

Clear Strategy

We work with you to cut the clutter and stay focused on defining critical system features to build a product that’s launch-ready.


Making the most of our engagement with an agile mindset to produce visible results - compared to the traditional higher.

Discover & Devise

Market Analysis

Review what’s already been done by similar solutions in the market and elevate the experience


AIdentify core needs and vision of the solution with elaborated brainstorming sessions


Identify core business problem to be solved keeping end-users at the center

Define & Refine


Designing information architecture with key modules and activities in a logical hierarchy

User Journeys


Heuristic analysis of user behavior by working backward to design elements that users anticipate


Conceptual block-based representation to uncover visual representation of key information elements

UI / UX Design


Surgically crafting beautiful pixels to create a visually appealing interface of relevant screens

Digital Experience

Creating a functional design by carefully orchestrating interface, information, and interaction

Objective Design

Creating a design that not only looks stunning but also sticks to solving the core of the problem


Continuing from Discovery to Development

The handover cycle – independent of who the specialized group, they go about as an impetus to proceed with a similar energy and profundity of the idea to be designed. This is guaranteed by visual plan to the best detail, useful stream and plan rules that are fit to be transported as a group.


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Recommendation Engine

It utilizes the client's set of experiences to recommend comparative items or administrations. Actually like the ideas while shopping from Amazon or watching Netflix.

Credit Worthiness Evaluation

Simulated intelligence and Machine Learning enables finance organizations to assess credit value and help understudies and individuals without a record as a consumer.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) Metrics

CLTV metric assists retailers with taking on beneficial framework by distinguishing those clients who are probably going to make future buys.

Gamified Learning & Education

ML-driven factual model is fabricated utilizing understudies' answers which decides their memory cycle and ping them for amendments.

Sorted, Tagged & Categorized Photos

Picture arrangement works on the pursuit interaction. It resembles looking through an eatery and getting the menu, food, mood, and so forth in outcomes.

Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

ML helps email crusades with customized content creation and planning for significant commitment with beneficiaries.

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